Sunday, June 12, 2011

Communication Arts 3 Course Outline and Requirements

Communication Arts 3
Speech and Oral Communication
1st Semester, SY 2011 – 2012
Thelma V. Villaflores

Course Objectives:

1.     To understand the nature of the speech communication process,
2.     To apply positive verbal and nonverbal communication, speaking and listening techniques in everyday activities,
3.     To participate actively in speaking and listening activities during class discussions,
4.     To become more self-confident in speaking,
5.     To effectively deliver an oral presentation in class,
6.     To make impromptu responses to questions and table topics,
7.     To cope with communication problems at different levels and disciplines,
8.     To uphold and practice ethical principles in communication.

Course Requirements:

1.     Individual, Pair and Group Activity
2.     Class Participation
3.     Quizzes and Major Examinations

Course Outline:

1.     Basic communication
2.     The communication Process
3.     Models of Communication
4.     Human speech
5.     Voice and intonation
6.     Speech sound production and IPA
7.     Varieties of English
8.     Body language and nonverbal communication
9.     Organizing speeches
10. The ice breaker
11. Impromptu speaking and table topics
12. Public speaking and prepared speeches
13. Use of visual aids
14. Interview, research and oral presentation


1.     Adler, Ronald B. and Rodman, George (1997). Understanding human communication. Florida: Harcourt Brace College Publishers.
2.     Gamble, Teri Kwal and Gamble, Michael. (1999). Communication works: 6th ed. USA:  McGraw Hill College
3.     Johnson, David W. (1997). Reaching out: interpersonal effectiveness and self-actualization. USA: Allyn and Bacon


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