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Philippine History, Government and Constitution Course Outline and Requirements

Philippine History, Government and Constitution
1st Semester, SY 2011 – 2012
Thelma V. Villaflores

Course Description:

This course traces the rich cultural heritage of Filipinos from its glorious past to its dynamic transformation which shows the different factors that surround such changes.

Course Objectives:

1.    Identify the different periods in Philippine history
2.    Analyze the events that helped shape our identity as a nation
3.    Respect and appreciate the complexities of our history
4.    Exhibit strong Filipino identity.

Course Requirements and Activities

1.    Philippine statistics and map
2.    Blogs
3.    Film Viewing
4.    Philippine Presidents’ Profiles
5.    Field Trip
6.    Classroom Participation
7.    Quizzes and Major Examinations

Course Outline

1.    The land and its people
2.    The Pre-colonial Philippines
3.    Spanish colonization
4.    The reform movement
5.    Active revolution
6.    The Malolos republic
7.    American regime
8.    Commonwealth
9.    The Philippine republic
10. Martial rule
11. After EDSA
12. The Philippine Constitution
13. The executive department
14. The legislative department
15. Parliamentary immunities and inhibitions
16. The mechanics of law-making
17. The judicial department
18. Constitutional commission
19. Accountability of Public Officers



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