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Personality Development with Values Formation Course Outline and Requirements

Personality Development with Values Formation
1st Semester, SY 2011 – 2012
Thelma V. Villaflores

Course Description

This course is designed to inculcate in the student the importance of a wholesome personality with emphasis on maturity, social graces and manners, grooming and appearance and mental and emotional development.

Course Objectives

1.     Form positive traits and values which when acted upon would enhance one’s personality.
2.     Practice the values and habits of discipline and hard work

Course Requirements and Activities

1.     Journal / Blogs / Glogs
2.     Group and Individual Activities
3.     Class Participation
4.     Quizzes and Major Examinations

Course Outline


Personality Development

Personality Theories

Social Graces and Etiquette

Proper Wardrobe

Health and Personality

Concepts Related to Values

Values Formation

Personal Value System

Filipino Value System

Filipino Beliefs

Public Relations



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